Wednesday, December 31, 2008

All About Me

Hi. I thought I better start with a bit about me, I'm a 31 yr old mum. My girls are currently 4.5 and 5.5. My 5.5yr old is starting school at the end of January so things are going to be changing around here soon. My hubby and I have our own business in construction and property inspections - he does the actual work while I maintain the accounts. And finally we are in the middle of building our own house.

I have started this blog to track the changes I am going to make. Right now we are living in a tiny wee little house and although we don't need a huge amount of space this 1.5 bedroom house with a 2 cupboard kitchen is a bit of a joke. The benefits are that it doesn't cost alot and is just around the corner from our house construction. Everything is cluttered and a lot in boxes which are stored (or dumped) in an outside garage/laundry - making that space unusable for real stuff. And although I have a budget its not up to date or honest. And shhh... but the accounts which are my responsibity - both personal and business are a few months behind. I struggle to keep up with house work, bill paying, general errands and because I'm not looking after myself I easily get tired and run down, and very cranky. This is going to change.


  1. Hi! I saw your post on Rhonda Jean's down to earth blog and thought I'd stop by to wish you luck on your new blog.

    Good luck with your goals. You can do it! The first step is admitting you have a problem, right? Best wishes!

  2. I saw your post today on Rhonda Jean's blog too. I think it will be nice when you eldest goes off to school.

    Our renovation project involves all this work in the subfloor at the moment, the house is so humid. But we are getting there which is great, my husband has January off.