Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Goals

I'd like to live a more simpler life, living within our means, paying off debts and being happy and these are my initial goals to do that:

* Get Business and Personal accounts up to date on MYOB
* Update budgets and stick to them - probably using the cash envelopes system
* In Feburary - update budget to include school fees but to take away DD#1 weekly therapy sessions (DD#1 is autistic and has some form of therapy session every week, a lot of these will be cut back once school starts)
* Start to go thru the boxes and piles of 'stuff' in the garage/laundry
* Start doing stuff like tracking water and electricity usage
* Work on menu plans, shopping cutbacks
* And Me, eat better, drink more water, be more active


  1. Small steps are good ones. All the best for your journey!

  2. Thanks Sam, I thought small steps were the best cause otherwise I'll get overwhelmed, as I meet my goals I'll add more.