Thursday, January 1, 2009

The new year

Welcome to 2009. How was your 2008?

Although my 2008 wasn't horrible there is certainly things about it I would like to change. Just lots of little things that made for huge stress. But its all in the past now and I can take those little things and make positive changes for 2009. I'm determined to make this my year. This will be the year I get fit and healthy, this is the year our money gets organised and we actually use it in the right way. This will also hopefully be the year we move into our house, a house we have planned for, made sacrifices for and worked hard for for about 3 yrs now.

This is also the year my eldest goes off to school, I seriously can't believe it has come about so fast, she was a tiny premmie baby just yesterday I feel. I worry for her, she is such an individual in her outlook at life, I hope she is OK. The school have been wonderful in helping us prepare her and she does have a compulsive need for routines and plans so maybe school will be perfect for her. We shall see, atleast I'll be in the position to monitor it, I've already joined up as a canteen mum.

So how did you spend the night last night? We stayed in, the family next door had a party and we were encourage to go but DD#1 isn't great with noise and crowds so.. what we ended up doing was pulling the girls mattress off their beds and making a comfy little nest for us on the lounge room floor. We watched the 9pm fire works on tellie and then watched a movie together, slowly we each dropped off to sleep, hubby being the first, lol. None of us made midnight.

Todays plans: this week we got a little mortgage to finish our house, so for convience and money saving sake I'm planning on moving all my bank accounts from our old bank to our new mortgage giving bank, I have an appointment with them tomorrow and have to take a list of all the accounts, cards, services I would like and they will try to match up my needs with their accounts etc.

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