Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Me - 21/1/09

I'm a bit late in the update on me this week. I had a pretty bad week, I only lost 0.1kg. About mid week I ended up getting the worst migraine, which made me feel really sick. Hubby ordered in some thai for dinner and I consumed a huge portion of coconut rice, the more I ate the less i felt like being sick. Not happy. Anyway then the week just went downhill from there.

I'm not in a great head space, things are a bit busy. Hubby's not been around much cause the plasterer starts at the house today, so when he is here we need to touch base and make decisions etc and we aren't agreeing, we are both so tired and run down and its just so damn hot, I don't think I spoke to him at all last night, cause of a disagreement we had earlier in the afternoon. The kids have been at each others throat as well, its hot and almost too hot for outside so they are a bit over it. DD #2 is at preschool tomorrow so hopefully it means they can catch their breath and start again. DD#1 has had a few meltdowns - its hard cause with all thats going on we aren't as routined as we usually are and she doesn't like that at all.

So basically I feel I need to start again. We have nothing planned today and I'm hoping we can just plod along and have a nice day, the house is tidy and all I really have to do is make the beds so it might be a good day to read books, rest, recharge.

My plans for this coming week is to try to stick to my weight watchers eating plan, drink more water cause I've slipped with this again and also to try to go for a walk if the temperature ever drops.

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