Thursday, January 15, 2009

Roaches, Spiders and general Bugs

This house we are living in is horrible, its badly built, you can see thru the gaps in the floor boards to the ground below and as such we get bugs, and lots of them. Even now as I'm typing it my skin is crawling cause the three things that horrify me are roaches, spiders and rats. And we have 2 of the 3 in large supply here. I would die if a rat moved in as well. Even all the water pipes and drainage pipes entering the house have a good 5mm gap around them, the bathroom vanity has a peep hole to outside as well, so god knows what crawls around in the vanity at night.

Hay I'm all for being one with nature as long as that nature is not spiders or roaches. So what do I do? I have honestly sprayed this house from top to bottom, inside and out with horrible smelly surface sprays but 1. I don't want to keep exposing my family to those chemicals and 2. the bloody bugs don't die anyway.

Please does anyone have any suggestions for me? I keep chanting to myself 'only 2 months to go' I will cry if any of the trades slow us down, I need out of here. Hubby is under strict instructions to make sure any gap in the building are plugged and filled in cause I do not want any access to inside for bugs.

Now on a totally unrelated critter matter. Both my kids guinea pigs are pregnant, planned pregnancy no less - we bought a male for them. If they became pregnant on the very day he arrived then their due date is today... so we will be on the look out every morning for babies, yay. Both girls aren't overly huge, they are noticeably bigger but not huge yet so I'm thinking maybe a few weeks to go yet and also the books I've read said you should be able to feel movement towards the end and that hasn't happened yet.

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