Friday, January 2, 2009

Money Money Money

I'm actually really looking forward to today, after swimming lessons for DD#2 I'm dropping the kids off at my MIL's house so they can spend the day with her and I'm heading off to the bank, our new bank. I sat down last night and thought about how I wanted to have our bank accounts and how the best way to split up everything and this is what I came up with:

Account 1: Main Account, this account will have a card attached to it, it will be for every day expenses like food, petrol, cash withdrawal etc.
Account 2: Bills, this will be an account I will transfer our yearly bills which will be worked out to a monthly figure, we get paid monthly so this way the money for all bills will be sitting here in this account. I can pay the bills direct from this account
Account 3: I want this account for stuff like ebay, my avon commissions etc.
And finally Account 4: Savings and House Building Money

I figure this way all my money is sorted and I and hubby only have access to the first account so can't really overspend or spend bill money. I'll do the same with our business accounts, I'll have the main account with a card attached and a second account for bills, tax and superannuation.

Other plans for today: Seeing I should have the whole afternoon free to myself with no kids around I'm going to start working on my accounts, entering receipts etc onto MYOB and starting to update my budget.

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  1. I love having different accounts for things. I have 6 or 7 different accounts for day-to-day, holidays, Christmas, bills, shares, child support, etc etc. I work better when my money is parcelled out. (ING don't have bank fees... perfect!)
    Enjoy your new year with the new house. I'm a little envious...