Saturday, January 10, 2009

So thankful for Tupperware

I have pantry moths, they arrived in a box of Rice Bubbles, I only caught them when the first 10 or so became moths, thats when I went searching and found the eggs and wormy things. Luckily not much else has been affected cause just about all my food is in airtight tupperware containers, yay. They certainly are sneaky little things hay.

So I'm well and truly on track to get up to date with our bookwork, not this week like I would have loved to but hopefully by next week. The girls are going to my MIL's on wednesday for the whole day so that will help heaps.

Todays plans: Is to tidy the house up, my husband was sick yesterday so while the girls and I were at swimming lessons and having morning tea with a friend he was at home generally just being a messy man. Honestly I think he can make almost as much mess at the girls can. And then once again working on the accounts.


  1. Tupperware is good. I sold it in college, lol! What a geek I am...

  2. It is so funny how I start to forget words that aren't used very often. Weevils?