Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Long Term Goals

I read a lot of blog each day, my most favourite or the new ones I've found are on my blog list and the rest are bookmarked on my computer. I noticed each and everyone is aiming for something, and its been making me think about my long term goals, what I really want from this world and what I'm aiming for. Sure there are heaps of things that are dreams but never going to happen or I read something and think 'wish I could'. But what am I really wanting and working towards now and what is really possible in my life and situation. Here is what I've came with:

I've spoken before about our house, I really want to move into the bit we are building, and even though the lounge/kitchen will be temporary in the garage I want to make the house into a calm warm place where my family comes home to rest and recharge before entering into the world again. Building the rest of the house will just move along slowly, we need to put family first for a while.

We have a small mortgage in comparison but we also owe a bit of money to my parents for the land we bought so my aim would be to pay my parents back and try to overpay the mortgage as much as possible. The extra amount will be worked once we moved in and our new household expenses are worked out.

I'm really desperate to start a garden, plant veges etc. I've started doing my research on no dig gardens cause we were planning on having a few raised garden beds around the place, so I thought the theory of the no dig garden would be good. Also I am going to get chickens, the girls cubby is raised, so we were thinking of building the coop under that and then off to one side so they have a enclosed dry area.

I've already spoken of my long term goals for myself in terms of weight loss and getting healthy but also I'd love to be learn how to knit and sew, I've done a few searches on sewing classes in my area but there are none running this quarter so I'll keep looking for later in the year.

As I was hanging the clothes on the line today it accured to me that if something happened to one of my family or me today, I would not be in the position to easily just drop everything. You know if an emergency happened I would struggle to do what I needed to do without causing problems. I want to be in the position where I'm prepared to leave the house at any time. I probably am not explaining myself but I want to be up to date. If I needed to leave for a week or two then we'd have bills overdue, the accounts are already months behind, the kids and hubby would need to search for clean clothes cause although the washing is fairly up to date the clean clothes are shoved into baskets all over the place. There are no meals in the freezer so food would be an issue. I would love to go to bed at the end of the night knowing I've done all that was needed to be done today and if I slept all day tomorrow then it would only effect tomorrow, not the weeks of work I haven't done. So to be in the position I want to be I need to finish the accounts, get laundry and housework up to date, prepare ahead by cooking meals, tackle the overflowing filing tray in our office. And then maintain.

Go the above is all a bit messy, I'm trying to get all the thoughts out of my head and its jumbled but you get the general idea of what my long term goals are and what I'm working towards. So I better go and do it.... I wrote this while taking a small break from working on our accounts.

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