Sunday, January 4, 2009

Week in Review 29/12 - 4/1

This week was the week I started my blog, I feel really positive and happy about it, I'd like to be able to read back on this blog in a year or two and see how far I've come, about the positive changes I've made for myself and family, and for the environment.

This was also the week I received my much waited for book 'The Complete Tightwad Gazette', so far I'm only up to page 133 of 927 so I still have a long way to go. Being Australian a lot of points have little to no meaning to me - like the bit about the mail service and also coupons. We don't seem to have the same systems for coupons, sure they are around like two for one deals on the back of Woolworths receipts but not really on the scale of other countries I don't think, which is why I purchased this year Entertainment Book.

The last two days have been messed up and mangled from my original plans of several hours of bookwork - yesterday hubby decided we need to make the decision on bathroom tiles NOW, something to do with thickness for door frames or something, so off we went tile shopping, which was very successful. We also managed to pick up external lights for a fraction of the cost that we saw elsewhere, we bought the expensive eco globes which we will get several years of use out the them. I'm really happy with the way the house is going, my priority was to create a comfortable home that wouldn't have huge running cost and luckily so far hubby has come along for the ride. With lourved windows for cross flow ventilation, extra insulation etc it shouldn't cost much to heat and cool the house. Also hubby has been using the last year or two to collect material off building sites and from demolition jobs. It means a bit more work for him cause the timber might need de-nailing or cutting down but its meant huge savings and also huge chunks of our house are in the old hard wood timber not the new lightweight treated pine. I'm very lucky to have a man who is willing to work all day and then stay back and collect left over bricks etc. (most building sites, will allow you to collect bricks from a completed house if you do the labour yourself, brick layers scatter bricks all over a building site, so usually a builder will have to pay someone to walk around picking them all up, so if they don't need them they are happy to get rid of them, we've so far collected atleast $1,000-$2,000 worth of bricks).

I'm going to start recording my electrity and water meters on Sunday afternoons. Here is my first reading

Elect #1 - 28595
Elect #2 - 31723
Water - 0004683.9

Next Week Goals: I'd like to think I can get all the receipts entered onto MYOB this week and to start reconciling bank accounts (I'm six months behind on this). Though I only have one 3hr period kid free the whole week so it might be a bit big of a task for this week, I can only try.

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