Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Menu Plan - 6th January

Here is my menu plan for this week, I went shopping yesterday with the girls and bought all I need. It was a bit more expensive than what I had planned but I bought few things for DD#1 schooling so that wasn't budgeted for in my weekly shop. I went thru the freezer and am going to use up all the meat and stuff in there.

The above picture is how I list my menu plan, a whiteboard that just rests against the wall in my kitchen. I love it cause its very noticeable and keeps me on track with what I've planned - therefore what I've bought.

* Salmon Steaks (from the freezer) for the girls and I, T-Bone steak for hubby. Served with Salad.
* Stir Fry, with backstrap, Veges and Hokkien Noodles.
* Zucchini Slice. Served with Salad and Chips
* Dhal with Rice. Served with the most yummiest yogurt from the local F & V shop.
* Chicken Wrap, with Salad.
* Beef Strog. I'm going to try my mums new super recipe.
* Sausages (from the freezer). This will be the easy meal for the week so we will probably have it Sunday night and eat them with eggs.

And this week I'm going to bake Wholemeal Sultana Muffins.

So there is my menu plan.


  1. When your picture first came up on the screen I thought you'd written "Satanic Salmon". I did a double take and then realised what you'd really written. In the split second before I twigged, I was already wondering how Satanic Salmon would be made. Was the Satanic part in the preparation (maybe with bucketfuls of chillies and wasabi), or the presentation?

    Yours sounds far more delicious!

  2. lol, just shows how bad my writing is.