Friday, January 9, 2009

Price Book

I've heard that keeping a price book is good way to save money. I understand why, its a great way to recognise good bargains so you can stock up. I just am unsure on how to set it up. I was reading on another blog about one a few days ago, must search back and see if I can find it. From what I understood of hers, she had a page per item and had it organised in alphabetical order. I think I might do that. I was given a black organiser as a gift with a purchase but I don't need it, I already have this years diary and a family calander so it was going to sit around unused, so what I've done is kept the a-z phone directory and taken out all the other tabs. As i buy things I'll put an item on a page and write the details. The details I think I should keep is: the date, the brand name, price and a price per unit, size and finally I've worked out two letter codes for each shop I go to, for instance if I was Woolworths it would be W_ and the first initial of the suburb it was in. I shop in 1 x Woolworths, 3 x Coles, 1 x Bilo, 1 x Franklins, 2 x Aldi, 1 x IGA on fairly regular basis so working out prices difference between stores will be important too. Also with meat, I shop at 5 different meat shops and 3-4 Fruit & Vege shops.

I can see the ultimate savings will come from Meat, cause I often bulk buy cause I have a full size freezer, also Fruit and Vege cause I have no real idea of their prices, I usually buy as I need, instead of buying whats in season. Other things I bulk buy is things like toilet paper, tissues, paper towels. At this stage I haven't stockpiled much pantry items cause I'm severly lacking in space at this house but when we move I can work on that. When we first move in we will only be living in half the house while we build the rest around us, so space will still be lacking but we will have more than we do now, especially in places like the built in robes etc. Ultimately once the house is finished i will be able to stockpile and be very organised cause our kitchen has a lovely walk in pantry.

I gather a useful price book takes months to set up, especially with fruit and veges changing prices during seasons so it will take a long time for any huge benefits to be seen... its a work in progress, but I have started.

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