Monday, January 12, 2009

Me - 12/1/09

Last week has been a pretty good week for me. In terms of weight loss, I lost 0.8kg, which is a bit less than I was hoping for but in reality all I did this week was watch what I ate. I purchased the weight watchers satisfaction plan. I've done weight watchers before successfully but fell off the wagon a few kilos from my goal. Going to meetings are pretty difficult for me, I'm not really a meeting type person and dragging two kids, one who is often a wee bit crazy, is not really something I look forward to, so this time I've elected to do the At Home plan. I think the plan I bought includes weekly communication from weight watchers to check on me, but I only got the pack on Thursday so I'm not overly sure.

My goals were:
* Start drinking water daily - at least a litre (right now I'm barely having a single glass) I did drink more water over the whole week but didn't get to a litre a day, some days yes, other days no.
* Lower my food intake
I did do this but this week I'm going to have to up my game a bit
* Lose a kilo (hopefully)
Well no, but close

This weeks goals are are very similar:
* Drink 1 litre of water a day
* Stick to the weight watchers satisfaction fast start plan and eat 18 points per day
* Go for a walk or two

I'd love to be able to lose a kilo (or ultimately 1.2kg to make up for last week)

Overall I feel pretty motivated and happy. I've sat down and wrote a whole weekly meal plan for all three meals, leaving a few points for snacks, I'll share my meal plan tomorrow cause it sounds yummy. I'm also going to feed hubby the same meals cause I think he needs to lose a bit of weight, his pants are all getting a bit tight now he is doing more office work and less construction work.

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