Saturday, February 14, 2009

Its been so long

12 Days since I last posted. How slack.

Being a school mum is hard work and tiring, I find. Of course Kinder kids are still being picked up a bit earlier so its a very short day. Its been going very well on a whole. She had 2 bad morning this week and I spent one day with a cramped stomach worrying about her. She has been selected for this social programme with 3 other kids from Kindergarten, which is perfect for her but while they run the kids programme they run one for the mums. Which isn't so good. Its ultimately aimed at parents who struggle to control, discipline and deal with their kids. Which isn't me. DD#1 has had regular therapy for her autism for 2 years now. Any problems or ways of dealing with her has been worked thru long before now. And I don't think I'm the only mum struggling with the parents programme - 2 of the others mums are. But I'm sure we will keep doing it cause it only last for an hour and then the last hour is spent with the kids. And the parents bit is only 6 weeks.

Anyway I have alot to do today the last 2 days have been spent in a foggy mess. My brain is tired and run down. I've barely moved after getting home each day so the house is a mess. The laundry is overflowing and I have a huge folding pile and iron pile of clothes. So thats my saturday.

Like most Australians I've been glued to the TV. The Vic fires have been very sad and devastating. I know alot of people who live around the areas where the fires were, they are all safe. But there are many people who aren't. Schools, whole communities, lives and families have been lost.


  1. Wow, that is amazing that they have classes like that for the parents. I hope things settle down quickly, I feel each day is getting better dealing with the heat, fires, school, but like you say now we feel tired.

    I hope the weekend helps.

  2. Hi Kathy
    Glad to see you back online.
    All my children have grown up and moved away, so it's just my husband and me here. We are both spending all our days looking for work, updating resumes, writing letters etc and my house looks like yours sounds. So don't think you are the only one.

  3. Linda. The dept of Ed explained to us that often kids with social issues are having issue at home so if they can not only teach the parents how to deal better but also have consistency between school and home the kids are a lot more successful.

    I'm hoping each week will get easier as I get into a more regular routine.

    Thanks Deb but I can't help wishing I had just a wee bit more time so my house can stay nice and clean.