Monday, February 2, 2009

Scary Saturday

I know its Monday but I wanted to tell you what happened to me on Saturday. I've mentioned before I'm terrified of spiders. Well....

Friday night we went out for dinner to celebrate a wonderful first day at school and seeing it was so hot I took them down to the waterfront for a quick swim first, so I totally forgot to get my last load of washing off the line. Saturday morning I headed out and two of my tea towels were twisted up together so I casually lent over and pulled them straight and then hung a wet towel on the line next to them, and thats when I saw it. The biggest huntsman I've ever seen - on the tea towel I just touched . Now I know all the Aussies out there are going to all go, 'just a huntsman, suck it up princess' but they terrify me. Of course it was sitting right next to the peg so I couldn't even just remove it from the line and I couldn't just walk away, what if it moved onto another item and I couldn't find it.

I had this perfect plan to use a broom to brush it off and remove it else where but I honestly couldn't even get close enough for the broom to reach. I felt like vomiting everything I saw it. Then the wind blew and it moved and spread it legs to stablise itself, oh my... it was even bigger than I thought. Argh.. In the end, knowing my husband was not going to be home for hours I ended up calling the guy across the road to remove it while I hid on the verandah.

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  1. I saw the biggest one I have ever seen recently too. There is no way I would have liked to have seen it on my washing.

    So glad you are able to get help.