Sunday, February 1, 2009

Week In Review 26/1 - 1/2

This past week has been a real mixed bag. The funeral was on Wednesday and it was horrible to see my grandmother so upset and frail. I really fear she will be next and so does she, she mentioned its her turn next a few times. She is 77, she sister was 81 and their brother is 75.

Before going to the funeral we went to visit my cousin in hospital, that was a horrible experience as well, he looked terrible, his body was a shaking mess which he had little control over. We only got to see him for 10 minutes cause they decided to rush him in to get a series of test cause breathing is becoming more and more of an issue. The results weren't positive, he is looking at a minimum of 6 wks in hospital. He is only about 33. Because of the problems with his heart and the blood clots there is a real risk of death or serious complications. We are still keeping his problems a secret from my grandmother because we truly don't think she will cope at the moment and have no real answer or hope to give her at the moment anyway.

On the positives it was a great first day at school for #1 and also two great days for #2 in the 'big' room at preschool.

The real estate contacted us and although we know them very well they have to do a rental inspection, we've been lucky and had 14 months without one but the timing couldn't be worse. The office is a total mess, I mean a total mess, a cleared space for a walk way thru it and a small cleared space at the desk for hubby to sit. We have been using it for not only office stuff but for mine and his clothes, the kids misc. bits and pieces they don't use all the time and all my avon selling stuff. Overall the house needs a total clean and yard needs a huge clean up. I really didn't want to put too much time into it cause I'll be packing up stuff in a month or two in preparation for our move but now I'll have to tidy, clean and declutter this week.

No Shampoo: Is going ok. Actually the day of the funeral my hair was great, mum commented on how soft it was but as the day went on it got a lot worse and Thurs/Fri it was a matted mess of knotts again. Today it is oily but manageable and with my dry frizzy curls it doesn't look oily, I could easily wear it out if I want to, but I can feel the oily when I touch it. Its now been 5 whole weeks since I washed it. I'm hoping for umm... something in the next week or two. So far my hair has been no better than its been in the past. Obviously I've been avoiding those few days of frizzy breazy mess I get for the first 3-5 days after washing but I've not gotten a lot of great hair days. I do wonder what I'll do in the future about colouring over grey, I do colour it every6-12 months, I don't get a lot of grey but at 31 I'm sure that will increase.

Meter Reading: I didn't end up taking reading last week so this will be a fortnightly update
Meter #1 29183
Meter #2 31935
A total usage of 430 and a daily usage of 30.7. I really need to do some research to find out what I should be aiming for. I'm sure this daily usage is bad, we've been running the airconditioning alot over the last fortnight, like most people who live in NSW, I'm sure.

Water 59609, which worked out to be a daily usage of 117 per person.

Garden: Here are some photos, I have strawberries coming on which is really exciting. And the lemons are not getting bigger but are starting to turn yellow a bit. I ended up pruning the lemon tree a bit and trying it to a stake cause it was heavy on one side and leaning well over. I also cut off two of the smaller lemons. It just seems to be really struggling to support itself and 10 lemons in this heat so I cut some branches and the 2 lemons off, I'm not sure if its the right thing to do but the tree is still young, only a bit over a year old and the first time its produced fruit. I just wanted to lighten its load a bit.

Coming Week: Busy week for us. The first full week of full time school. #2 starts a sports programme tomorrow, I have a heap of avon deliveries to drop off and I also have my first day of volunteering in the school canteen on Thursday.

I'm hoping to get some baking done this afternoon for lunches and morning teas. I'm going to look for stuff I can bake and freeze and just take out as I need it.

Finally: I want to thank everyone who has been visiting my blog, I love seeing how many drop by and where they are all coming from, its exciting to see all the international visitors as well. Please leave a comment to say hello next time you drop by.


  1. Hi Kathy

    I haven't done much renting, but I think the agent is just checking that the place is being looked after and that you are not doing anything to devalue the property, like putting holes in walls, causing mould or not cleaning up filth. I'm sure they are not worried about clutter.
    As long as it's clean, I don't think it needs to be tidy... especially with you moving soon.
    Have a great week.

    Deb, Moruya, (Far South Coast), NSW

  2. I'm sure cause we know our real estate agent personally as well as professionally, her son and my brother are mates, she wouldn't ever think to kick us out but rentals in our area are next to impossible to get, I want to present the best possible house, also am thinking another person from the agency might do the inspection. We are no longer on a lease but are just going from week to week so I do want to give them any reason to be unhappy with me.

    I seriously don't have time to make it perfect anyway but...

    Thanks so much Deb, you have helped put my mind at ease a little. I am not overly experiences at renting myself.