Saturday, January 31, 2009

Smiley Saturday, now I have one too.

I regularly read the Smiley Saturday post links on Lightenings blog, today I have one of my own.

Yesterday was DD#1 first day at a main stream school, she started Kindergarten which in NSW is the first compulsory full time year of school. Why this is smile worthy - 18 months ago we got the paper work for a special autistic school that is near us cause no one who saw her thought she would be able to go to a mainstream school, we were told over and over again to hurry with the forms cause of waiting list etc. Something held me back and I devoted my time to finding therapys we could do now to improve her ability to cope within a society that is not set up for a child like mine.

Yesterday she went off to school with all the other little kids who live in our suburbs and not only did she cope but she loved it. She made a new little friend, she doesn't know his name so is calling him 'the boy' but this is huge for us cause she knows two little girls in her class, the school put her with those two girls so she would have some familar faces and feel more at ease. I asked her if she played with either of the girls and she said no, which both amazed and excited me - she made a friend, I want to do a happy dance.

Once in the car instead of the meltdown screaming match I both expected and prepared for I got a detailed description of her day and how great it was. I honestly want to cry, I can't believe how wonderfully great this is. I know its only one day and it could all change on Monday but one day of calm happiness is... enough to give me chills. Her teacher was gushing when I picked her up, she was so excited and happy at how great the day was and how much she interacted with both her and the other kids. We had done as much as we could to set her up for success, I had started having meeting with the principal and her current teacher in April last year and its truly proved to be benefitial.

So thats my Smiley Saturday. I have not stopped smiling since I picked her up yesterday afternoon.


  1. Hi Kathy

    What truly fabulous news.

    I can remember the day my daughter first started school like it was yesterday... her eldest daughter (my granddaughter)started kindergarten on Wednesday.

    Your post brought a tear to my eye, thanking for sharing.


  2. It is very interesting to browse these blogs (am thinking of starting my blog)and hear of the perspectives and challenges of others. Thanks for sharing.

  3. That's wonderful ! and be sure it will last, maybe not every day but "normal" children also have their up and downs with going to school !

  4. Thanks everyone.

    You are right Gattina, all children has their ups and downs.

  5. It really helps when they have a good transition and enjoy school doesn't it? My youngest started this year and he LOVES school. :) Thanks for joining us in Smiley Saturday this week.